Introductory Course
Introduction to gender studies

First Semester | 6 Credits | Quota: 20 | Dr. Elizabeth LaCouture

Students in this course are invited to explore the global interdisciplinary academic field of women, gender, and sexuality studies, as well as help build a new field of Humanistic gender studies in Hong Kong.

This course introduces students to gender as an interdisciplinary category of academic analysis and as a lens for understanding the spaces around them. Students will explore theoretical readings and case studies that explain the sex/gender spectrum (male/female, transgender) and sexuality in contemporary and historical contexts. Students will also explore how gendered discourses and practices have fortified nation-building and justified colonialism. Building on these theoretical foundations, students will explore gender and sexuality through the spaces of the University and the city and through transnational movements across spaces, such as domestic labour, fashion, and Hello Kitty kawaii culture.

Students will connect the assigned academic readings to “real-life” examples in the news, media or their everyday lives thereby producing new theoretical understandings of gender and sexuality within the contexts of Asia and Hong Kong. Students will present these examples in the “gender-lab” discussions, and the class will complete a final public website on mapping sex/gender and sexuality in Hong Kong.

This course will be interdisciplinary and interactive and will require active hands-on learning.

Assessment: 100% coursework.