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Undergraduate level courses at Comparative Literature consists of Introductory, Elective, and Capstone (including Internship) classes. They are taught using various learning modes and are all 6-credit courses. A total of 150 hours of student learning activity is the norm for a 6-credit course that includes contact hours and other forms of student learning activity. The contact hours and output requirements for different groups of courses vary according to the types of learning modes employed. All of the courses are assessed with 100% continuous assessment.

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Notes on Plagiarism:

  • A writer who presents the ideas or words of another as if they were the writer's own (that is, without proper citation) commits plagiarism. Plagiarism is not tolerable in this department or at H.K.U. Consult the websites: and for further information. You should avoid making quotes or drawing on figures from nowhere - you must provide sources of reference for quotation and/or citations you use in the paper. This applies to images and media clips as well. Failure to observe this would risk being charged of plagiarism. In this University, plagiarism is a disciplinary offence. Any student who commits the offence is liable to disciplinary action).
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