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Staff > Mirana May Szeto
Dr. Mirana May Szeto 司徒薇

Undergraduate Coordinator
Office: RRST* 9.41 | Tel: 3917 2868 | email

Academic and Research Bio

Assistant Professor in Comparative Literature at the University of Hong Kong, Mirana May Szeto 司徒薇 did her Ph.D. in the Department of Comparative Literature, UCLA. She is working on a book entitled The Radical Itch: Cultural Politics and Its Discontents. Her current research is on Hong Kong cultural policy and politics, also a book project entitled Decolonizing Neoliberalism: Postcolonial Urban Cultural Politics. She is the P-I of the RGC GRF project entitled "Contested Cultural Imaginations in Government Practices & Community Responses: Urban Renewal Processes in Wanchai, Hong Kong." She is also part of the team research projects on "Making Cultural Clusters: New Strategies for Culture-led Urban Redevelopment" (RGC, CPU PPR) and "The Restructuring of the Movie Industry in Hong Kong: flexible specialization, Innovation and the labor Market" (RGC, GRF). She also writes on postcolonial and feminist theory, literature and film, as well as cultural studies on Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

Courses taught at the Department:

Undergraduate Courses:
CLIT1009 Questioning Difference: Gender, Postcolonialism and Culture
CLIT2005 Literary and Cultural Theory
CLIT2045 Colonialism / Postcolonialism
CLIT2050 Globalization and Cultures
CLIT2052 Chinese Urban Culture
CLIT2064 Hong Kong Culture: Popular Culture
CLIT2069 The Making of Modern Masculinities
CLIT2085 Hong Kong Community and Cultural Policy in the Global Culture
YLIT0006 Defining the Arts Scene in Hong Kong
YLIT0007 Hong_Kong_Culture@comminity.policy.planning
CCGL9002 Hong Kong Culture in the Context of Globalization

Taught Postgraduate Courses (MALCS):
CLIT7011 Hong Kong and Beyond

*RRST: Run Run Shaw Tower

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