We teach a variety of literary, film, and other texts, from international and interdisciplinary perspectives. Our curriculum goes beyond any single national culture to explore relations between various texts, cultures, and historical contexts. Students learn to read, interpret, appreciate, and criticize specific texts, but also to apply the same skills and questions to “culture and society” or the world more generally. Students do this through re-reading, re-viewing, and discussing with their peers, but also through writing on their own. Texts are studied and discussed in English, but Chinese originals are often used (alongside English translations) in many classes.

Our courses fit into five areas, and we also provide credited internships to qualified students:

      • Film and Visual Culture
      • Critical and Cultural Theory
      • Gender and Sexuality
      • Hong Kong and Asia
      • Postcolonial and Global Studies
      • Internships

Our major provides a strong Liberal Arts education. Our students graduate with advanced, empowering, and useful skills in communication and in critical, imaginative, and independent thinking. This forms a solid basis for professional success, including graduate study abroad, and for employment across the spectrum of opportunity in the public and private spheres of Hong Kong, the region, and abroad.