MPhil and PhD

The Department offers Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and 3-year and 4-year Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees organized around a clearly defined research project culminating in a dissertation. Faculty in the department supervise students and provide them with opportunities to develop their professional profile. Courses designed to support research in comparative literature, film, and cultural studies are compulsory.

We have the following aims for our students:

      1. To enable students to develop the skills necessary to do independent research in comparative literature, film and cultural studies.
      2. To cultivate critical thinking by introducing different theoretical and philosophical approaches.
      3. To encourage critical engagement with the key debates in literary, film, and cultural studies.
      4. To develop the analytical skills needed to look closely and critically at literary, cinematic, and other cultural texts.
      5. To engender an appreciation of cultural differences and global interconnections involving nation, race, class, ethnicity, gender and generation.
      6. To emphasize the study of Hong Kong, modern Chinese and Asian culture within a global frame.

We are looking for exceptional candidates with a strong research plan in any of the following areas:

      • Visual Culture and Film Studies
      • Feminism and Gender Studies
      • Postcolonial and Global Studies
      • Literature and Theory
      • Critical Asian Studies
      • Cultural Studies
Joint PhD Programme with King’s College London:

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List of Intending Supervisors and Research Interests/Topics (School of Humanities, Department of Comparative Literature)

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HKU Research Postgraduate Admission Information

To apply, read through the Graduate Office’s pages and proceed accordingly:

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*Please note that the MALCS program is separate from the MPhil and PhD programs.