The Comparative Literature Major

In order to major in Comparative Literature, students have to fulfill the following requirements and complete a minimum of 72 credits (applicable to first year students admitted in September 2018).

First Year

At least 6 credits (with C grade or above) from Introductory Courses (CLIT1001, CLIT1008, CLIT1009, CLIT1010), AND

12 credits of introductory courses from any Arts programme(s), which may include additional credits in 1000-level CLIT courses.

Second / Third / Fourth Year

At least 48 credits of 2000- and 3000-level Comparative Literature courses, and students are encouraged to take either CLIT2001 or CLIT2094 in their second or third year.

Third / Fourth Year

At least 6 credits from Capstone Courses.  (CLIT3019, CLIT3020, CLIT3021, CLIT3022, CLIT3024, CLIT3025, CLIT3026 and CLIT3027)


Choice of courses is subject to the approval of the department and priority of entry into senior courses will be given to Comparative Literature majors. Students must ensure that their choices conform to any prerequisites set by the department. Research and internship courses, for example, are offered to Comparative Literature majors only.