The Comparative Literature Minor

A minor in Comparative Literature shall consist of one 6-credit first-year course AND 30 credit units of second, third, or fourth year courses. There are no specific requirements as to how courses are combined for a minor programme.

Courses offered by other departments:

To fulfill the credit requirements of the major/minor in Comparative Literature, students may also take the following courses when they are offered:

History programme: HIST2082, HIST2083, HIST2085 and HIST2119.

Music programme: MUSI2044 and MUSI2055.

Faculty of Law: LLAW3141.

School of Modern Languages and Cultures: AFRI2007, AMER2022, AMER2033, AMER2035, AMER2048, AMER2052, EUST2011, EUST2030, EUST3020, HKGS2008, HKGS2011, HKGS2012, SINO2008, SINO2012 and SINO2013.

Please refer to the Faculty of LawDepartment of HistoryDepartment of Music and School of Modern Languages and Cultures for details of syllabi.