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Courses Not Offered

Courses Not Offered (2018-2019)

CLIT1001 Introduction to film studies
CLIT1002 Introduction to gender studies
CLIT1009 Introduction to postcolonialism and culture
CLIT2003 Modern drama in comparative perspective
CLIT2016 The body in culture
CLIT2028 The city as cultural text
CLIT2037 Gender and sexuality in Chinese literature and film
CLIT2045 Colonialism/postcolonialism
CLIT2052 Chinese urban culture
CLIT2058 Histories of sexuality
CLIT2060 Fiction and film in contemporary Chinese societies
CLIT2074 Film and ideology in contemporary China
CLIT2075 Modern poetry: Hong Kong and beyond
CLIT2076 Fashioning femininities
CLIT2085 Hong Kong: Community and cultural policy in the global context
CLIT2087 Modern Chinese culture and society: Rebellions and revolutions
CLIT2088 Critical approaches to film studies
CLIT2090 Orientalism, China, and globalization
CLIT2091 Gender, feminism and modern China
CLIT2092 Modern American poetry: Politics and aesthetics
CLIT2093 20th Century fashion and the making of the modern women
CLIT2095 World, text, and critic
CLIT2096 Ethics of film and literature
CLIT2097 Independent Documentaries: Theory and Practice
CLIT3022 Critiques of modernity
CLIT3024 “New” cinemas across national boundaries