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Study Programme

Undergraduate Programme

Study Programme

Majoring in Comparative Literature

Requirements for students entering the university - 3 year curriculum

Requirements for students entering the university - 4 year curriculum

The Comparative Literature Programme consists of first year courses, second and third year courses, and capstone courses usually reserved for majors. All of the courses are 6-credits. A total of 150 hours of student learning activity is the norm for a 6-credit course that includes contact hours and other forms of student learning activity. The contact hours and requirements may vary in each course, but all of the courses are graded on the basis of 100% continuous assessment.

Comparative Literature courses offered in 2018-2019

Introductory Courses

First-year introductory courses emphasize the learning of introductory concepts and text analysis skills as a general introduction to the discipline.

CLIT1008, CLIT1010

Required Courses

Second-year courses emphasize the learning of critical perspectives, foundational concepts, and text analysis skills as a concentrated introduction to the discipline.

Students admitted in 2014 or before are required to take both CLIT2001 and CLIT2094.

Students admitted in 2015 and 2016 are required to take either CLIT2001 or CLIT2094.

Students admitted in 2017 or after are recommended to take either CLIT2001 or CLIT2094.

CLIT2001, CLIT2094


These courses emphasize the learning of cultural theories, critical thinking, and refined analysis skills performed on a range of literary and cultural texts in comparative contexts.

CLIT2007, CLIT2008, CLIT2014, CLIT2025, CLIT2026, CLIT2050, CLIT2061, CLIT2064, CLIT2065, CLIT2066, CLIT2069, CLIT2083, CLIT2089

Capstone Learning Courses:


These are capstone courses with the focus on theoretical and topical issues in comparative contexts. Teaching combines lectures and seminars with heavy emphasis on reading, discussion, and writing. The topical courses require students to have a final year Comparative Literature departmental major status or lecturer's approval.

CLIT3020, CLIT3021, CLIT3025, CLIT3026, CLIT3027

Internship Course

This course aims at placing final year comparative Literature majors in working environments where they will be able to apply their cultural knowledge and their skills in writing and analysis. The course may be taken one-time only for credit.


Minor in Comparative Literature

A minor in Comparative Literature shall consist of one 6-credit first-year course AND 30 credit units of second, third, or fourth year courses. There are no specific requirements as to how courses are combined for a minor programme.

Courses offered by other departments:

To fulfill the credit requirements of the major/minor in Comparative Literature, students may also take the following courses when they are offered:

History programme: HIST2082, HIST2083, HIST2085 and HIST2119.

Music programme: MUSI2044 and MUSI2055.

Faculty of Law: LLAW3141.

School of Modern Languages and Cultures: AFRI2007, AMER2022, AMER2033, AMER2035, AMER2048, AMER2052, EUST2011, EUST2030, EUST3020, HKGS2008, HKGS2011, HKGS2012, SINO2008, SINO2012 and SINO2013.

Please refer to the Faculty of Law, Department of History, Department of Music and School of Modern Languages and Cultures for details of syllabi.